I have something extra-special for this giveaway: a nice little €25 voucher for the ParaNoire store. Currently she is only selling in-stock items due to her health, but I admire the socks off that woman and would love to spread the word about how amazing she is and how lovely […]

ParaNoire €25 Voucher Giveaway

I am busy cleaning out my emails (among other stuff) and stumbled upon my horde of period panty coupon codes just sitting around not being used. I figured I would give them away to whoever wants a free coupon code. Dear Kate I have SIX coupon codes for $15 off […]

$10 To $15 Period Panty Coupon Giveaway

I just moved for the fourth time in eight months, and I am exhausted. However, I made it into my to be here for a long while home just last weekend. It seems appropriate then that my first lingerie review in my new home is the bra I wore for […]

Royce Lingerie Poppy Bra & Briefs Review

Life is chaos so my reviews will be sporadic at best and non-existent at worst until I get real life sorted out. However, I had to take some time this Sunday (between laundry and grocery shopping and bed making and looking for an apartment) to review my recently(ish) acquired she […]

she and reverie Fireplace Pullover Review

Some of you may not know – but I have been in the realm of joblessness for the past six months. As I was a freelance writer, that jobless time did not come with any EI to sooth the wallet. As such, my spending has pretty much grown to a […]

New Job Lingerie Wishlist

There is the bolero and there is the capelet: out of the two I much prefer the mini cape as a way to cover my shoulders when I want to. I picked up this Kiss Me Deadly Pankhurst Black Lace Capelet with a voucher I had for the store. The […]

Kiss Me Deadly Pankhurst Lace Capelet Review